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Christian Song LyricsChristian - Christian Song lyrics features contemporary and traditional christian music lyrics including "God of Wonders" & "Back in his arms again". Also includes Easter, Rock, Children and Wedding Christian Song lyrics.

Contemporary Christian Music Lyrics originated in the 1970's. This page gives some history to it's developments through the 80's, 90's and into the new millenium. We also list some of the most popular contemporary christian music lyrics artists around today.

What is the definition of Contemporary Christian music ?

A contemporary christian music lyrics review

Contemporary Christian music (aka CCM) is form of religious music where the focus remains largely on the message expressed in the lyrics, which is from a decidedly Christian (often Protestant) perspective. Although there are many Christian music acts in the mainstream music industry, the term CCM usually refers specifically to artists within the Christian music industry that are played on Christian radio. Contemporary christian music lyrics review contd. The term is sometimes used synonymously with Christian Rock, but this a subset of CCM, as much of the music that is regarded as CCM is not within the rock music genre.

The term "Contemporary Christian Music" originated in 1976, when artist and album reviewer Ron Moore used it to describe an album by Richie Furay. The industry itself began to emerge as early as 1975, when Myrrh Records began to sign Christian rock acts. Contemporary christian music lyrics review contd.

In the late 1970s publisher John Styll began a magazine which focused on the genre, appropriately called Contemporary Christian Music Magazine. At the time, the magazine covered everything from gospel artists to "Jesus Music" artists such as Larry Norman, Love Song and Randy Stonehill, to mainstream artists with spiritual messages like Bob Dylan, Al Green and T-Bone Burnett. Contemporary christian music lyrics review contd. By the 1980s, the range of what was considered "Contemporary Christian Music" narrowed to artists primarily within the ever growing Christian music industry, like Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Sandi Patty, DC Talk and Carman although mainstream artists like U2 and Bruce Cockburn still appeared from time to time. By the 1990s however, mainstream artists were rarely mentioned within the pages of CCM. Contemporary christian music lyrics review contd.

In the 1980s and 1990s, a handful of record labels, like Frontline Records, Exit Records and Refuge Records, focused on Christian Alternative music artists like Vector and Undercover. For the most part, these alternative artists were largely ignored by the mainstream CCM industry, with only a few exceptions. Contemporary christian music lyrics review contd. One of these was Steve Taylor, who not only developed a large following within the industry, but also generated a lot of controversy with songs like "I Blew Up The Clinic Real Good", which spoke out against pro-life activists who blow up abortion clinics to further their cause. Contemporary christian music lyrics review contd. Many people within the Christian music industry did not understand the meaning of the song and Taylor's album was pulled from the shelves of many Christian music stores. Taylor achieved a small amount of mainstream success as well. In 1984, Taylor was the first CCM artist to have a video ("Meltdown") played on MTV. Contemporary christian music lyrics review contd.

In the mid 1980s a number of CCM and Christian Rock artists began to achieve success in the mainstream, including Amy Grant and Stryper. Grant had a hit single in 1985 ("Find A Way"), appeared on all of the major television variety and talk shows and even had her very own primetime special on NBC. By the early 1990s, Grant would have two more mainstream hits with her singles "Baby, Baby" and "I Will Remember You". Contemporary christian music lyrics review contd.

By the 1990s and 2000s, sales of CCM music continued to soar. Artists like Grant and Michael W. Smith continue to pop up on the mainstream Billboard charts and top the CCM charts. Contemporary christian music lyrics review contd. Smith's 2002 live DVD Worship Again topped the Billboard video charts, beating out newly released videos of Elvis Presley and U2.

Some of the most popular artists for Contemporary Christian Music Lyrics

4 Him
Aaron Benward
Aaron Benward

Carolyn Arends
Susan Ashton
Audio Adrenaline
Margaret Becker
Charles Billingsley
Brother's Keeper
Matt Brouwer
By the Tree
Caedmon's Call
Contemporary christian music
lyrics artists contd.
Steven Curtis Chapman
City on a Hill
Ashley Cleveland
Clay Crosse
DC Talk
The Darins
Bryan Duncan
John Elefante
Darrell Evans
Contemporary christian music
lyrics artists contd.
Kirk Franklin
Ben Glover
Natalie Grant
Sara Groves
Shaun Groves
Rhonda Gunn
Layton Howerton
Jars of Clay
Phil Joel
The Katinas
Cheri Keaggy
Wes King
Jennifer Knapp
Scott Krippayne
Rachael Lampa
Russ Lee
Nikki Leonti
Crystal Lewis
Greg Long
Mercy Me
Geoff Moore
Nicole C. Mullen
Rich Mullins
Nichole Nordeman
Bebo Norman
Erin O'Donnell
Stacie Orrico
Fernando Ortega
Ginny Owens
Twila Paris
Charlie Peacock
Andrew Peterson
Contemporary christian music
lyrics artists contd.
Jill Phillips
Phillips, Craig & Dean
Jonathan Pierce
Plus One
Point of Grace
Ragamuffin Band
Chris Rice
Chris Rodriguez
Mark Schultz
Sixpence None the Richer
Rebecca St. James
Shine MK
Jamie Slocum
Michael W. Smith
Solomon's Wish
Sonic Flood
Third Day
Tammy Trent
Kathy Troccoli
True Vibe
Michelle Tumes
Jaci Velasquez
Wayne Watson
Joy Williams
CeCe Winans
Darlene Zschech

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