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Song LyricsSong Lyrics - Bringing you some of the most popular song lyrics on the web. Here is rap battle or Black Eyed Peas lyrics, Michael Jackson lyrics or your favourite Country music. Also are Evanessence Bring me to life, free lyrics, Christian lyrics and smooth love song lyrics.

Christian Song lyrics features contemporary and traditional christian music lyrics including "God of Wonders" & "Back in his arms again". Also includes Easter, Rock, Children and Wedding Christian Song lyrics.

Welcome to Christian Song Lyrics

What beautiful hymns, but you just cannot sing them!

Is this a situation you are in at Church, or when out celebrating Christmas or Thanksgiving? Its all too easy to hum along when you hear that beautiful Church song, but its always the words that matter. Lyrics penned by devout Christians in honor of Lord Jesus; in honor of Christianity bring peace and tranquility to an anguished soul. Christian Song Lyrics sung in times of celebration during Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, songs are what adds to the jubilation. Lyrics for songs are written in poetry form and then set into musical form. Sometimes when totally stressed, recalling lyrics of hymns or Christian songs in general brings tranquility and will go on with the challenges ahead. Each song is a prayer in itself, so sometimes singing Christian song lyrics to oneself is like praying to God.

It has been said through the years that words of religion have the power to heal. Humming the tune does wonders, but more so repeating the golden-penned words is like shooting the arrow of healing right through the heart. And worshipping God through poetry is pleasing Him and honoring Him in gratitude for what your life has been. It is also giving respect to the one who wrote the Christian song lyrics in honour of God.

We have tried to bring you some of the most popular styles as well as your recently requested songs and specific artists. There is a good mixture of reviews and even a chance for you to condider the current debate on whether Christian song lyrics rock music is good or evil.

Christian Song Lyrics

God of Wonders Christian Song Lyrics and midiGod of Wonders - God of Wonders Christian Song lyrics and midi... "God of wonders beyond our galaxy, You are holy, holy. The universe declares your majesty, You are holy, holy ..." God of Wonders Christian Song lyrics and midi.

Children Songs - Childrens Christian Song Lyrics includes: "The Christmas Song", "Come Meet Me" and "The Sower" all suitable for children as examples of forgiveness, humility and the birth of Christ. Childrens Christian Song lyrics.

Christian Wedding Song LyricsWedding - Christian Wedding Song lyrics... "Oh, but Joseph and Mary were married, the angels carried the news. What the Lord has joined together, the world must not undo ..." Christian Wedding Song lyrics.

Christian Easter Song LyricsEaster - Christian Easter Song lyrics... "Hear the bells ringing, they're singing that you can be born again. Hear the bells ringing, they're singing Christ is risen from the dead ..." Christian Easter Song lyrics.

Christian Lyric Rock SongRock - Christian lyric rock song. Read about the big debate "Is Christian rock music good or evil ?" and sample some lyrics from Audio Adrenaline on Christian lyric rock song.

Christian Song Lyrics Rich MullinsRich Mullins - Christian Song Lyrics Rich Mullins "Praise to the Lord" ...." Give your praise to the Lord, come on everybody stand up and sing one more, "Hallelujah" give your praise to the Lord. I could never tell you just how much good that it's bound to do you, just to sing ... " Christian song lyrics Rich Mullins.

Contemporary Christian Music LyricsContemporary - Contemporary Christian Music Lyrics originated in the 1970's. This page gives some history to it's developments through the 80's, 90's and into the new millenium. We also list some of the most popular contemporary christian music lyrics artists around today.

Worship Christian Music Back in his Arms Again LyricsBack in his Arms Again - Worship Christian music Back in his arms again lyrics ... "One life, one love, one way home and when you rise and when you fall, he will see you through it all, he is waiting, you are called, back in his arms again ..." Worship Christian music Back in his arms again lyrics.

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